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A comprehensive and pertinent response for your communication.

Mars Rouge was founded with the intention of contributing our ideas to the media sector, be it conventional or digital: being humble and pragmatic while also being open to inspiration and, above all, giving the very best advice to our clients. This is the sine qua non for the success and satisfaction of a job well done.
Our agency supports and advises you in the creation of your business’s visual identity and bespoke digital experience. We approach each project optimistically, endeavouring to create that miraculous, unexpected spark, with the conviction that the right creative idea backed by the right strategy can accomplish great things.
Each and every day, we apply these same values to the work we do at our agency. Although our portfolio of services - from strategy to internet site creation, taking in SEO listing and social media management - is similar to other agencies, it’s the creative ways that draw on our expertise that make us stand out, us and our clients, from the competition. Want more?
As a local producer, we guarantee 100% French fresh product.
A strategic
vision and
bespoke creative
We combine strategic vision and business, creative direction and analysis, to develop the growth of your business.
  • Visual identity

  • Media strategy

  • Creative design and artistic direction

  • User experience

  • Data analysis

  • Advice on digital transformation

Internet site creation is our core business.
  • Internet site creation

  • Digital media campaigns

  • Design based on user clickstreams

  • Digital product prototyping

  • Web design

  • Front-end & back-end development

  • Mobile development

We incorporate content and media strategy as a strategic cornerstone to develop your business’s reputation.
  • Content strategy

  • Drafting and copywriting

  • Graphic production

  • SEO & organic listing

  • E-reputation

Our clients come from all business sectors and backgrounds. But they generally have one thing in common: a burning desire to tailor their media message and possess tools that generate results.
Which is why we have provided a brief rundown of those who have put their trust in us, enjoyed working with us and given us the opportunity each and every day to make our passion our job.
A state of mind
Pertinent & effective
At Mars Rouge, we always make our client, in all his complexity and difference, the focus of our considerations for the duration of project design for, in the end, he will always be the one to benefit from it.
We work efficiently and intelligently, prioritising our work and assessing everything we do throughout the project to ensure the effectiveness and consistency of the end result.
Technical and creative requirements.
The success of the project aside, we have one objective: to be proud of what we have done for you.
Since 2012, we have swept up a dozen or so national and international awards. Such awards are the guarantee that we give our very best to each project, that we maintain our ambitions and requirements at an extremely high level and that each of our completed projects achieves the pinnacle of good taste.