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Web design & websites: give a little French touch to your digital communication.

A graphic studio as well as an expert digital media agency, we operate in tandem with businesses like yours to design unique, effective digital solutions.

Seeing things differently

Mars Rouge is first and foremost a drive to advise our clients on how to make big differences with tiny details. Since 2012, our agency has been moving the goalposts and sidestepping convention in its own unique way. We focus on the same objective: keeping you happy and, at the end of the day, enjoying producing logos and internet sites that exude that drive always to do better.
We produce visual identities, internet sites, digital content and meaningful, creative, straightforward advertising. What we enjoy above all else is building lasting relationships with our clients.

Every website deserves, nay demands, its own identity

Because we like to give meaning to each of our commissions, we consider the consulting part of our work both our talent and our reason for being. We create comprehensive media strategies for our clients, designed to last and yet also evolutive, which satisfy precisely identified concerns.
Our agency designs and develops websites, whether you want a landing page, an informative internet site or an e-Commerce website. We tailor bespoke internet sites and digital projects, from user experience to search engine positioning, taking in web design and development. Our working method combines advice, graphic sensitivity and knowledge of the latest open source technologies to offer the right solution to our clients and astound their target.

Optimising your organic search engine listing

Enhancing the visibility of your website is important, but our main objective is to generate traffic that converts, the kind that brings you qualified leads. Listing is intimately linked to editorial content and link creation strategies, adding social triggers to the networks. We put these strategies together to help to get our clients the best results.

Nothing but the best.
We support and shape our clients so that they can take full advantage of the solutions that we construct with them.
Whatever the technology, the current fad or your craziest desires. We create visual identities, websites and bespoke digital experiences and never lose sight of our goal to offer you the most beautiful logo and the most intuitive internet site. Always striving for that one detail that makes all the difference and makes you shine, we put every ounce of our passion into our work.
We steep ourselves in your concerns and place our knowledge and expertise at your service to provide you with a considered response.
No limits, no labels, we believe in the strength of ideas and the impact of what goes without saying.