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A logo that says who you are.

Your company logo is the common thread that pulls your entire strategy together through the media that it embraces. The first identifying sign for your clients and prospects, its creation must take an all-in approach to avoid being too complex while at the same time sending a powerful message.

Because a visual identity is the foundation of any media project, our agency supports you through the creation of a logo and a graphic charter that tells people who you are. To stand out and for your business to have a real visual impact, we focus on designing a unique all-encompassing identity that can be used on all media.

Our agency gives your visual identity graphic solutions which are minimalist, colourful, rigorous, dynamic and always meaningful. Everything we create goes hand in hand with demanding, meticulous work.
A media consultancy agency in logo and visual identity creation, we support and advise businesses with their image. We favour the bespoke approach in order to provide you with sensible (and sensitive) ideas, multipurpose solutions and an identity with character.

Our support and advice
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Logo, brand identity & iconography of the Praxis Social Graduate School.
Logos & visual identities par Mars Rouge

Encouraging bold businesses to surpass themselves with stand-out, universal identities.

Mars Rouge is a graphic design studio based in Basel and Mulhouse that specialises in shaping images. We merge the many aspects of our expertise to help you to secure a place in people’s hearts. Our solutions are straightforward, effective and unique.

A rich combination that includes the logo, the graphic charter, the colours and the typography must form a whole, at once coherent yet unique, serving the overall positioning that you espouse. This is why it is necessary to control perception and public feedback, aiming for the absolute compatibility of the company’s visual identity with what it actually does.

A good identity is intended to allay concerns and provide a solution to or a path towards its objectives. The logo draws its strength from the integrity that makes it different from a simple artistic act on every front. Typography, colours, iconographic choices in phase with the graphic charter, tone and the way you speak to your clients form an integral part of a company’s identity. And it is in this that our agency supports and advises you through its objective vision.

We create logos worthy of the professional standards of our clients

A company’s identity is first and foremost that which emanates from its DNA and the principles on which it is founded. Creating a good logo and a good identity means coordinating the concerns and strategy of your business with tools and graphic design fundamentals and the many other attributes that make up the visual identity.

Creating a logo means envisaging each one of its aspects and uses. It is the central component of a corporate identity. Which is why it must accurately evoke a potentially huge number of ideas. Its importance is primordial, each line, each colour gives direction to an idea. In order to avoid too much complexity, which often leads to dead ends anyway, our agency guides you through a tried and trusted methodology.

The basic rules that govern the creation of a logo have changed with the advent of digital media. It must fully espouse a graphic charter, be adaptable to many different media. These days, it must also be capable of being perfectly displayed in a corner of an internet site consulted on a smartphone and remain legible in the profiles on your social media pages. We always provide you with a graphic charter to ensure the perfect integration of your corporate identity and the consistency of its use with the passage of time.

Brand identity for the restaurant le 7ème Continent.
Logos & visual identities par Mars Rouge
A human adventure founded on the quest for excellence.
As content and production become increasingly similar, passion and creativity are the key to being different. This is the warmth that will suffuse your identity. We give the best of ourselves and want to do what we do best.

Our agency has developed a strong, unifying corporate culture, based on excellence and attention to the smallest detail. Nothing is left to chance and we do not deliver any project until each and every one of our client’s requirements has been fully satisfied. A smile on our client’s face, a grateful handshake, that’s what a successful project is all about.

Logos & visual identities par Mars Rouge
Visual identity of ASAD by Mars Rouge.