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Expect more from your communication.

Mars Rouge encourages bold businesses to surpass themselves with stand-out, digital, universal identities and ideas.
Mars Rouge is a graphic design studio and a web media agency that specialises in devising brand images and digital histories. We merge the many aspects of our expertise to help you to secure a place in people’s hearts. Our solutions are straightforward, effective and, above all, unique.
Our agency supports and advises you in the creation of your visual identity and your bespoke digital experience. We approach every project optimistically. We try to create the miraculous, unexpected spark with the conviction that the right creative idea backed by the right strategy can accomplish great things. Want more?
A comprehensive package
At Mars Rouge we design logos, internet sites, digital content and meaningful, creative, straightforward advertising. We know what we can achieve and we don’t drift off message.

Consulting & strategy

Let’s make your corporate image more exciting.
A far cry from the old world in which the one-sidedness of a single message shaped the corporate landscape, we move forwards alongside you towards new practices. We give your business the presence it deserves and meet the expectations it is bound to fulfil.
  • Name creation

  • Marketing strategy

  • Digital strategy

  • Visibility strategy

  • Social media strategy

  • Press relations

Logos & visual identities

An identity worthy of your ambitions.
Providing a vision that encapsulates a company’s values through brand design as coherent as it is emotive is our business. Identity is a whole, which incorporates meaning and function. Your logo and your charter are our future.
  • Logo

  • Graphic charter

  • Brand identity

  • Graphic design

  • Iconography

  • Illustration

Graphic design & advertising

Making a difference to create a preference
Graphic design lies at the heart of the agency’s entire skillset. Whether we are dealing with corporate messages or advertising, we create each graphic medium with the high standards and methodology necessary to the overall coherence of your business.
  • Advertising

  • Iconography

  • Stationery

  • Printing

UX, UI & web design

Digital information architecture with a keen sense of web ergonomics.
We apply best practices when it comes to user interface and experience in creating responsive web design for your internet site.
  • User experience

  • User-friendly interface design

  • Prototyping

  • Web design


Code that breaks the codes.
Hard to imagine a media message without a digital component. To avoid being conspicuous by your absence, we always develop your internet site in open source and responsive web design compatible with all hardware: computers, tablets and smartphones.
  • Landing page

  • Informative internet site

  • E-commerce internet site

  • Responsive design

  • Domain name

  • Hosting

Search engine optimization

Optimising your organic search engine listing.
Are you a leader in your field but last on Google? Find it unfair? We do too! What if, with a little SEO work done "as it should be", you could get your internet site into the top listings on Google?
  • SEO audit

  • Search engine optimisation

  • Organic SEO listing

  • Copy writing

  • Netlinking

  • Inbound marketing

Webmarketing & social media

Engaging and honest social content.
We connect companies with their clients by creating sensitive, engaging, rewarding stories.
  • Content writing

  • E-marketing advice & support

  • Tracking organic and paid traffic

  • Web analytics

  • Community management

  • Social media

  • Email marketing

  • E-reputation