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Grabbing attention, exciting interest and desire and encouraging people to do something. It’s the magic formula for a good internet site to convert your visitor into a business contact.

Mars Rouge is a web agency that combines passion for design and web development expertise. Each of our internet sites is created in order to shine the spotlight on our clients and their web content, combining modern web design, attention to detail and elegant animations.

Our agency thinks of itself as a response to the proliferation of websites based on shop-bought, off-the-shelf models. Every website deserves, nay demands, its own identity. Current technologies enable us to design unique websites, even on a tight budget with a short deadline.

Our internet sites are as unique as the needs of our clients and we endeavour to respond as creatively and as pertinently as possible and not overlook the concerns of UX, SEO and performance to impact their conversion rate and, therefore, their turnover.

Our support and advice
  • Landing page

  • Informative internet site

  • E-commerce internet site

  • Responsive design

  • Domain name

  • Hosting

Responsive design on the Aera website by Mars Rouge.
Web par Mars Rouge

An internet site to reach out to and gain the loyalty of your clients and win new ones.

The creation of an internet site is rarely a straightforward superficial update of its identity. Although an overhaul is often an opportunity to rethink a graphic charter, devising the architecture of a website and how its content all fits together is of vital importance.

We create more than websites, we create experiences

It’s the cornerstone of your business’s message and positioning and we can help you with that. It is here that its philosophy, its services and its messages must make a good, lasting impression. Content quality is also essential. With the graphic design and the editorial charter, the entire internet site will take a coherent turn.

Our work is based on mastering and bringing together a meticulous skillset that takes in UX design, UI design, web design, development, editorial and SEO. This demands excellent coordination and methodical sequencing of the various phases of creation of your internet site.

In the technical design of your website, we advise and assist you on the issue of front- and back-office integration. Our expertise in animation allows us to imagine immersive websites that incorporate moving parts, as it were. Domain name, hosting, statistics and future changes are an integral part of a project thought out with an eye on the long term that we provide for all of our projects.
As regards methodology, we advise and assist you in AGILE mode, favouring the use of a methodological framework which is light but sufficiently people- and message-oriented. More than any other challenge, the production of a website demands a premium set of skills working in tandem which are part of the agency’s basic philosophy.

We love open source technologies

With the content management systems WordPress, WooCommerce and PrestaShop, it’s all about giving you the tools you need to develop intelligently and update your internet site with agility and ease. As comprehensive open source web solutions, these CMSs enable flexible design and incredible upgradability. They boost your image, your business and your visibility on the web.


Essential for visibility on the web, SEO – which stands for Search Engine Optimisation – is a series of actions that can be taken to boost the visibility of a website on the various search engines. SEO operates across the board: it includes coordinated actions from very different fields such as user experience, editorial and web development. As a technical and strategic service provider, Mars Rouge produces internet sites thoroughly thought out from the initial design phase to organically perfect SEO, i.e. your visibility on search engines like Google.

The new website for the city of Biesheim created by Mars Rouge.
Web par Mars Rouge
Exclusive design, incredible functionalities and elegant animations make our internet sites bespoke internet sites.
Static websites are a thing of the past. Websites with moving parts grab the user’s attention more easily. Used well, these new technologies help to focus the user’s attention on the important points.

Digital technology enables us to create astounding things. Our agency makes full use of the latest innovations in website development. Which enables us to create unique projects. Our internet sites make you stand out from your competition and convince the internaut that he or she has come to the right place. Our secret: to combine our know-how in interactive design and web development to create memorable experiences for your visitors.

  • Boosting organic traffic
  • Boosting the number of views
  • Boosting the conversion rate
  • Better ranking on the search engines
Web par Mars Rouge
The Big Little website menu on a smartphone.