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Winstub Henriette

Like any Winstub worthy of the name, the Winstub Henriette is part of the magic of Alsace. Run by Marie-Christine Musslin, the Alsatian restaurant has a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere, a magnet for food lovers as, of course, is the bewitching aroma of braised cabbage.
Launch date 2012
Winstub Henriette par Mars Rouge

Logo and identity

The main concern was to come up with a visual identity to make the restaurant and its specialities more legible. In this context, the sign post function of the logotype was extremely important. As a Winstub, it seemed logical to capitalise on the symbol of the Alsatian headdress, a recognisable sign that conveys all of the values of this region.
Winstub Henriette
Winstub Henriette
Winstub Henriette